How To Heat Thing Up This January

BRRRR! It’s cold outside! When temperatures get this low, it seems like there’s little we can do to keep warm, so I put together a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to help you keep toasty warm this winter.

Dress Appropriately – Wear socks and slippers to keep your feet warm even when you’re just lounging about the house. Wearing layers will help you keep your core temperature warm whether you’re inside or outside.

Hot Drinks – Hot coffee or tea will help keep you warm by raising your core temperature. If you want to avoid stimulants try decaffeinated coffee or tea. Hot chocolate is another great option and an extra special treat—hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside. Hot soup with lunch or dinner is another great option.

Open Curtains/Blinds During The Day – Allowing the sun to shine in through the windows during the day will heat your home without having to turn on the heater. Some sites even recommend installing clear shower curtains over your windows because it will allow your home to absorb the heat and keep it in.

Block Drafts – Assessing temperature weaknesses in your home is a great way to keep costs down and the temperature up in the winter months. Adding insulation to keep the heat from leaking out of your attic or crawl space will lower your heating bills. The same is true for installing new, weatherproof doors and windows. But in the short term, you can fix small drafts between rooms by rolling up a towel and placing it at the base of the door to block drafts from flowing between rooms.

Ultimately, nothing beats a warm fire in your fire place, but hopefully these little tricks will keep you warm until the weather breaks this spring. Stay toasty, my friends!