S’more Than Meets The Eye

It’s finally summer and you know what that means. S’MORES SEASON! I believe s’mores are the perfect dessert—they’re sweet, hot, gooey, crunchy and best of all, you make them yourself. While I think the classic graham cracker, milk chocolate and plain marshmallow is the best combination, here are some other fun s’more recipes you should try this summer. 

The Nutty Buddy—This s’more is perfect for peanut butter lovers and it’s simple to make. Just swap milk chocolate for a peanut butter cup and the regular graham crackers for chocolate gram crackers. 

The Dalmatian—If you have the chocolate graham crackers from the last recipe, you might as well make the dalmatian. Sub a cookies n’ cream chocolate bar for the regular milk chocolate bar to represent the dalmatian’s spots and toast a strawberry marshmallow instead of a plain one to represent the dalmatian’s pink nose!

The Grasshopper—If you like mint, this is the s’more for you. Simply sandwich a plain marshmallow between two chocolate cookies and a dark chocolate peppermint patty. Talk about a minty fresh treat!

If chocolate isn’t your jam, don’t worry, I’ve got s’more options for you too!

The Shortcake—This s’more recipe can be done with a regular marshmallow or a strawberry one. Just nestle whatever marshmallow you choose between two vanilla wafers and add a slice of strawberry for a bitesize shortcake. 

The Taffy Crack—Okay this one sounds a little crazy, but I promise it’ll be the best thing you eat all summer. Instead of toasting a marshmallow, roast a soft caramel square over the fire. Once the caramel is soft and a little toasted, squish it between two crackers. But maybe skip this s’more if you have braces—it’s called taffy crack for a reason. 

These are only five recipes, but the opportunities are endless with s’mores! Next time you have a campfire try experimenting and creating your own unique s’more combination.