Putting The Fun Back
Into Buying A Car: A Customer-Centric Mission

Buying a car can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re on a mission to put the fun back into buying a car and treat our customers with the respect they deserve. We’re here for you. We believe in you. We want to help you own the car of your dreams!

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Our Promise To You

We believe that if you treat people courteously and truly help them they’ll become your customers for life. That’s what we’re promising. We’re not in business to sell cars to make a quick buck. We’re in business to help good people like you find, qualify for and drive home in the cars they want and need.

We want to build a relationship with you…a relationship that adds value to your life…one built on trust and mutual respect…a relationship that will give you a dealership you feel comfortable doing business with for life.

That’s what makes us a dealer FOR The People®.

Jeff Falk

Our Values


Respect: We treat everyone we encounter with respect regardless of their circumstances.


Fun: We put the fun back in car buying - we're friendly, outgoing and passionate in every interaction.


Trustworthy: We are open, honest, and clear when communicating and committed to helping customers as trusted advisors.


Persistent: We keep pushing for a solution or option even when others would give up and even if that means thinking outside the box to get the job done.