Trick-Or-Treating With A Twist

There’s nothing I loved more when I was growing up than Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. It’s fun to dress up, walk around the neighborhood with your friends and collect free candy. Sometimes something fun other than candy would find its way into my bag. So while everyone else is passing out the same old candy, this list of fun treat alternatives is sure to make you the most popular house on the block.

Juice Boxes—Walking around and carrying all that candy can be tiring. Juice boxes (or even water bottles for the parents) will help make you the toast of the neighborhood.

Temporary Tattoos—Halloween doesn’t have to end on October 31st. When you pass out temporary tattoos, the kids will enjoy these little treasures up until the moment they wear off. 

Glow Sticks—Glow sticks will be especially helpful as everyone navigates their way through your neighborhood in the dark of Halloween night.

Play-Dough—Kids will get to unleash their creativity if you give them little tubs of Play-Dough in their Trick-Or-Treat bags this Halloween.

Fruit Snacks—A great alternative for anyone who wants to give out something sweet, but wants a fun alternative to chocolate. 

Bags Of Chips—Not every kid likes candy or has a sweet tooth. That’s what makes a mini bag of chips the perfect savory option.

Pocket Change—No kid is going to turn down free money. Just make sure you throw enough quarters in their bag to make it worth their while.

Small Toys—Yoyo’s, finger traps, key chains and noisemakers are all fun toys that’ll keep the kids entertained long after Halloween is over.

I hope this list has inspired you to change up your Trick-Or-Treating reward this year. I’m sure the children in your neighborhood will love them. Happy Halloween!